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Top 7 Best Hospital Management software providers in Chennai

Here we explore completely 7 Best Hospital management software providers in Chennai. Hospital Management Software is a vital business tool, especially in the healthcare industry. Having a hospital that is automated with Hospital Management Software is now easy. In the midst of this technologically upgraded and model world, every hospital should use machines and systems to take care of every manual activity. 

Some of the benefits of online Hospital Management Software include Reduced Paperwork, simple access to reference records, effectual billing of different services, enhanced hospital administrations, no record duplications, minimized documentation, rapid information across various departments, optimized bed occupancy checks, critical stock information, improve cost control, and more.

Why Hospital Management Software is Important

Improving patient outcomes and maximizing ROI is crucial to healthcare organizations. Hospital management software solutions offer a wide range of benefits like real-time data exchange, secure patient records, mobile apps, telemedicine, analytics, automation, and stock management.

Benefits of Hospital Management Software

Software solutions for hospital information systems in the healthcare industry are essential for better outcomes. Hospital management software helps with patient management, stock management, laboratory information systems, EMR/EHR, radiology, etc., ensuring real-time access to patient records.

1. Omniworks HMS

Omniworks Hospital management software primarily assists with administrative needs in a hospital including financial accounting, maintaining accurate patient records, and scheduling. Comprehensive hospital software assists in decision-making processes for assigning patients to the right room or ward so they receive proper care, as well as deciding when to purchase the equipment and tools your hospital needs.


1.  Dashboard

2. Patient Registration

3. Appointments

4. Outpatient Management

5.  Inpatient Management

6.  Billing

7.  Laboratory Management

8.  Room Management

9.  Bed Management

10. Operation Theatre Management

11. Doctor Discovery

12. Contacts Management

13. Asset Management

14. Inventory Management

15. Pharmacy Management

16. Referral Management

17. Vendor Management

18. Role Base Access

19. Offline and Online Services

Omniworks HMS's core competency and domain expertise are in hospital management-related software development. Our Online Hospital Management System has the following merits: Solution for multi-center operations. Cloud Ready Solution. Advanced customizable EMR Solutions.User-friendly HMS Software to use and implement. It helps to achieve quick turn-around times from Implementation to Training to Go-Live. Reduced Total Cost of Ownership. Easier Maintenance and free upgrades. A tightly integrated system that leads to productivity improvement and efficiencies.

Our Omniworks HMS Software is a web and browser-based application available in both the rental and licensed model.

Why Every Hospital Should Have A Hospital Management Software in 2023

2. Halemind

Halemind is an ingenious, leading-edge, and connected EMR and HMS that empowers independent practices and hospitals. Hivemind's secure, advanced, and specialty-driven EHR enables you to run your practice in a simpler and more efficient way, so you can focus on what matters the most - Your Patients.

3.MocDoc HIMS

MocDoc HMS digitizes all transactions, documents, and medical records in Hospitals and Clinics eliminating paperwork altogether, and provides an online platform that connects General Public with Doctors providing real-time, authentic information relevant to their needs.

4. VisualHospital Management

Hospital management software by Visual Infosoft Pvt. Ltd. is all you need in computerizing your Hospital & clinic. The hospital management system is very accurate in its approach and suits all environments including large, medium, or small size hospitals. HMS enables hospitals and doctors to better serve their patients.


NextGen’s HospiLogix is an enterprise Hospital Management Software & EMR Solution. It is a fully integrated, highly configurable, platform-independent Enterprise Hospital Management Information System that allows for scalability and performance.

6. Conquer THM

Conquer Total Healthcare Management is a unified hospital management software solution for small and medium-level businesses. Hospital ERP software help to enhance doctor productivity. Healthcare management software improves accuracy and accelerates the administrative process.

7. MMIMediface - Hospital Software

Mediface is one complete solution for hospital management software, which can easily manage Track Patients, Schedule Appointments, Manage Administrative Tasks, Raise bills, Track Payments and Collections, Set Taxes, Multiple user access, and much more in it.

What things should you consider when purchasing Hospital Management Software?


Hospital management software is essential for seamless healthcare delivery. It helps in the efficient management of patient data, streamlining workflows, optimizing hospital resources, and providing an integrated view of operations. With so many options available in Chennai, it can be overwhelming to choose the right one for your facility. Our comprehensive guide on the top 7 best hospital management software providers in Chennai will help you make an informed decision. We have covered various categories such as outpatient care, inpatient care, telemedicine, and pharmacy management software. Additionally, we have provided detailed overviews of MedsysB Hospital Management Software, iXPert ERP Hospital Management Software, Attune Practice Management Software, and Curable. Care Hospital Management Software, Attune HealthKernel Hospital Management Software, Knockdok Hospital Management Software, and Simacle Hospital Management System. Don't hesitate to take advantage of this informative resource to find the best hospital management software for your practice.